About Us

A Taste Above (ATA) opened our doors to the Pocket/Greenhaven community on April 20, 2018. With both owners having retail and restaurant backgrounds, the concept of a neighborhood cafe in the Pocket area was both enticing and exciting. It wasn't the smoothest first year of operations for us, as we had an extensive menu that tried to cover all types of cuisines to try and fill a void in the Promenade Center at the time. In 2019, we decided a change had to be made in order for us to survive, so we took action to make things right. Logistics in our kitchen were altered to improve operating efficiencies, including cutting down wait times by 4 minutes. We streamlined our menu to eliminate items and categories that weren't working, and at the same time staying current with food trends by adding Vegan items to our menu. We try to offer unique and trendy items as specials to create excitement. With our menu comprised of Hawaiian BBQ flair, specialty burgers, Banh Mi Sandwiches, Desserts, Boba Drinks, wine by the glass, local craft beers and our Vegan offerings, we feel we have the right mix of food for everyone. No MSG is EVER added to our dishes, and we take pride in making sure our cafe is clean, safe and sanitized inside and out. It's the right thing to do. We graciously thank all of our supporters and look forward to continuing to welcome new customers that lead to new friendships along the way. Its what we want to do.